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सुधार इतने नाकाम क्यों?

Supreme Court’s assumption of consensus among States for interlinking rivers flawed

Story of networking of rivers case, thus far

Gopal Krishna*

This paper presents the status of the proposed project on “Networking of Rivers” in South Asia and its relationship with Draft National Water Policy 2012. It showcases ample proof about the judicial role in the revival of a dangerous and disastrous idea, which has been dead for long on the flawed assumption of unanimity among the Indian States. The way even the pretence of democratic process has been sacrificed at the altar of judicial activism is illustrated through Indian Supreme Court’s judgment. It is observed that the very premise of the existence of judiciary is being redefined autocratically which in turn proposes to redefine the eco-system. In the absence of any definite international legal framework although both Nepal and Bangladesh have raised objections against the project, there is no time, space, or process indicated for participation of communities whose riparian rights must be considered, a…

A Burning Issue: The toxic tale of Delhi Waste

Gopal Krishna*
New Delhi

Burning waste for energy? Sounds good? Environmentalists are questioning its efficacy in view of the nature of solid waste in India and the potential pollution this may cause. Recycling materials like organic matter, paper and plastic saves more energy than is produced in the incineration and gasification plants. Recycling and composting of waste costs much less and create millions of jobs, they say.

January 2012. Toxic smoke and soot filled up all the houses in New Delhi's Sukhdev Vihar. The Okhla waste-to-energy incinerator had gone into action. Built barely 150 metres from residential areas, it has a bird sanctuary, a university and three hospitals within a radius of 10 kilometres.

in Narela-Bawana in the national capital are miffed and worried. The idea of waste-to-energy plants based on a tried, tested and failed incineration technology in Delhi's Okhla, Timarpur, Gazipur and Narela-Bawana faces bitter opposition from residents, waste p…